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Sloth Tours in Costa Rica – What you should know about Sloths

A filmed shot of a cute sloth comfortably sleeping on tree branches
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Sloth Sanctuary

Do you want to experience an authentic Sloth Encounter in Costa Rica?

Do you want to experience an authentic Sloth Encounter in Costa Rica?

Sloths tour Costa Rica– What you should know about Sloths. There are many different reasons to for you to consider visiting Costa Rica and, one of the main reasons is definitely to see wildlife, including the charming sloths. The sloths are sweet animals, smiling faces with laissez faire way of life.  People just can’t get enough of them.

Sloth have rapidly become an iconic symbol of the Costa Rica’s most amazing rain forest jungles. These animals can be spotted in Central America and South America however, one of the best places by far is Costa Rica (after all it has around the 5% of the world’s biodiversity).

Do you want to experience an authentic Sloth Encounter in Costa Rica?

The sloths move very slowly and need a humid environment to survive, have super long claws and, the constant rain makes algae grows on their fur, making an excellent camouflage among the rain forest trees, where they hang out and sleep about 20 hours a day. Sloths have a varying dietary behavior.

What Do Sloths Eat?

The 2-toed sloth is more varied, feeding on leaves and fresh fruits, while the 3-toed sloth “which is smaller and slow pace than the 2-toed specie”, feeding on leaves only and eats mostly at night. However, these animals occasionally eat insects and rodents.

They can however feed from over 50 different types of trees found in Costa Rica’s tropical rain forest, but the Cecropia tree species is their favorite. An adult sloth usually have ten upper teeth and 8 lower teeth, they also have a large tongue.

Both species of sloths have three claws on their hind limbs and, are closely related to Anteaters than Armadillos.

Best way to spot a sloth:

  • Hire a naturalist tour guide or a local guide that knows the area.
  • Always look up in the tree tops and through the trees.
  • Be quiet and patient.
  • Learn to listen to the nature’s sounds.
  • Bring a pair of good binoculars.
  • Respect the plants and animals in the area.

Sloths Tour Costa Rica | General Facts About Sloths:

  • Mammals that belong to two families: Megalonychiedae (two-fingered sloth) and Bradypodiedae (three-fingered sloth).
  • Sloths are directly related to anteaters, which have a similar set of claws.
  • Arboreal animals, “tree-dwelling” in Central America.
  • Leaves is their main source of food.
  • They can’t survive outside the tropical rain forests.
  • These animals defecate and urinate only once a week.
  • Life span is between 20 / 30 years.
  • Believe it or not, they are great swimmers.

Best time to visit Costa Rica to spot sloths:

Yeah! Good news for animal lovers! these animals can be sighted all year round in the Costa Rica’s jungles.  So, whenever you want to plan a family vacation to Costa Rica, the sloths will be waiting for your visit. Well, after all it’s not like they’re going anywhere anytime so fast. Ready to spot some sloths? So buy your ticket immediately, Costa Rica did not disappoint.

Check out our private tours to see sloths in Costa Rica. We’ll be searching out both, the 2-toed and 3-toed sloths.

Although very similar, they have distinct differences, the 2-toed Sloth is mostly nocturnal, can be found sleeping in the tree tops. The 3-toed is more active during daytime hours. Both sloths have slowly moves and keep moving through the trees branches eating leaves, often with a baby sloth hugging their mom for the ride.

But that’s not all! The rainforest and surrounding areas of Tenorio Volcano hosts a diverse number of interesting and exotic birds, including the Great Carrasow, Oropendula, Crested Guam, Umbrella bird, Red Lorred Parrot and a large variety of beautiful Trogans, Tanagers and Honeycreepers.

Costa Rica Fayla Tours counts with naturalist tour guides eager to help you to find these lovely animals. We pick up from your hotel in Guanacaste, and driven in an air-conditioned van or SUV through beautiful country roads of Costa Rica.  So the help of our guides ensures your opportunity to experience the wonder of these cheerful looking creatures. If you would like a private excursion to see these cuddly looking animals and stopping all along the way to spot Toucans, white faced monkeys, iguanas, and colorful frogs, then this tour is tailor made for you.

Sloth Sanctuary

Do you want to experience an authentic Sloth Encounter in Costa Rica?

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